How to Hide Cords – 7 Genius Ways

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How to hide cords

TV wires, HDMI Cords, WiFi routers, and other cables and cords are not aesthetically pleasing. Incorporating wires, cords, and cables into the home decor can be a challenge and overwhelming. We can’t do without them because they are a part of our lives. So, how to hide cords to avoid visual clutter and keep them organized? Here are some genius ways you can hide cords to make your home more organized.

Hook The Cords To Your Furniture

If you’re looking for a rental-friendly solution, this is it for you. You can hook the cords to your furniture using cord clips. This works well for TV cabinets and desks. You can run down the cords along the furniture edges at the back. This keeps the wires and cords well hidden.

Cord Covers

Another simple way you can hide cords is by bundling all your wires together and using cord covers to hide them. This works perfectly for TV wires in a rental. Using cord covers can also work for your home office. Bundling the cables keeps everything organized and neat.

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Conceal Power Cables

Your TV wall has to have at least one power cable. Power cables can look extremely disorganized and untidy. The best way to hide cords is by concealing your power cables and extension cables. Most of them have a hook at the back so you can easily hang them at the back of your TV stand. You can also place them in a nice decor box to hide them from plain sight.

Hide Your Router & Cable Box

The router and cable box are a necessity in the modern household. However, they’re not particularly gorgeous and they never go with the decor. Think of creative ways you can hide your router and cable box. If your router is mounted on the wall you can try a gorgeous vase with big flowers to conceal it.

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At times you may not be able to conceal all your wires, cables, and routers using baseboards and cord covers. If this is the case for you, you can always use baskets and pretty boxes to hide your cords and cables. Just make sure they go with the decor. They add texture to a room while still helping you conceal your wires.

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Docking station

A perfect way of hiding your cables and wires is by creating your own docking station. You can use an old box to separate your phone chargers, laptop chargers, and any other cables you might use. This charging station will keep your home looking organized and neat all while reducing visual clutter.


If you have extremely long cables consider using baseboards to hide them. This is also the safer option because long wires can cause you to trip and you can get hurt or ruin your electronics. The best thing about baseboards is that you can get them to match your wall and floor color.

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