Dangers Of Wearing Waist Trainers

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Dangers Of Wearing Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are one of the most common get-thin quick schemes. They are known to be a temporary fix and can help get rid of belly fat only to a certain extent. Waist trainers can alter your waist temporarily but it comes with posing health issues to yourself. The trend has existed for centuries in the name of attaining the hourglass figure. Waist trainers are not to be confused with shapewear. The difference is waist trainers are purposely made to squeeze your midsection as opposed to shapewear that’s supposed to hold everything together. They only help you lose the water weight which is usually temporary.

Here are some of the dangers of wearing waist trainers;

Breathing difficulties

Wearing a waist trainer constricts your ribs and lungs making it harder to breathe. The waist trainer squeezes your midsection reducing your lung capacity making it harder to retain the amount of oxygen you normally would. This is dangerous because your body is now operating on lower levels of oxygen than it normally would. This can cause health complications in the long run.

Digestive problems

The dangers of wearing waist trainers can extend to the digestive system. The constriction and squeezing from the waist trainer can cause gut-related issues. It can potentially cause blockages in your digestive tract due to excessive squeezing. It can also cause acid reflux and heartburn. If you have IBS it can make the condition worse.

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Organ damage

Waist training compresses your organs and can cause organ damage. Extremely tight waist training can actually move your organs from where they’re supposed to be. This can cause organ damage and health complications. The tight waist trainer can also restrict continuous blood flow to some organs.

Nerve damage

Wearing a waist trainer, in the long run, can cause nerve damage. After some time it can cause numbness on your thighs. This is because f the constant construction and lack of enough blood flow throughout your organs. Waist trainers can also cause chronic back pain as well.

Core muscle weakening

Waist trainers have gained popularity over the years for cinching waists. However, your core muscles weaken when you wear a waist trainer and you don’t exercise. Your core muscles are what provide support but if you wear a waist trainer you are no longer using your muscles.

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