Vera Sidika’s advise to women trapping men

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Vera Sidika’s advise to women

Vera Sidika has taken it to Instagram to advise women against trapping men with pregnancies. According to Vera, A man who wants to leave will leave regardless of whether you have a child or not. We could not agree more. Here is what the beauty mogul posted ‘ I don’t know who needs to hear this but, when a man or woman doesn’t want you, he/she just doesn’t want you. No amount of sex, sex positions, cooking, cleaning, faithfulness, trapping him/her with a baby, submissiveness. Will ever make him want you or stay. My dear, just accept fate, pick up the pieces and move on. Everything else is possible but you can’t force a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you or doesn’t want you anymore. It sucks, I know! But that’s just the sad reality.

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Vera Sidika’s advise to women sis not stop there. She continued to add ‘ I don’t know who needs to hear this but, having a baby with someone doesn’t mean you must be together forever. Pregnancy is not a ticket to an eternal relationship or marriage. This is a sad reality but yup. It’s not the reason your partner stays in the relationship. Your partner stays in the relationship cause they wanna stay. That’s it. So many women trapping men with babies only to end up single with 5 kids, different fathers. By trap I mean, You never spoke about having kids together. You did not plan the pregnancy, it’s probably even a new relationship, then boom the woman deliberately gets pregnant thinking he’ll stay there. Baby Girl!!!! don’t ever try this game!! cause expectations always lead to disappointments. Special advice to my sweethearts.

She went ahead and clarified what she meant in her previous posts, saying that it’s not just the woman’s fault it’s the man’s as well. Both parties should take responsibility when it comes to pregnancy. Vera also advised women who don’t let their baby daddies see their kids.

Well, what’s your take?

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