Nadia Mukami Clears The Air on Unfollowing Arrow Boy on Instagram

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Nadia Mukami Clears The Air

The African Popstar Nadia Mukami has cleared the air on the ongoing rumor that Arrow Boy and her are no longer together. They recently unfollowed each other on Instagram. Nadia Mukami claims she has never followed Arrow Boy on Instagram. She adds that following each other despite being lovers is not necessary. The rumors of the alleged breakup have since then spread on social media and blogs. Nadia set the record straight by responding to a fan who commented on her Instagram post.

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She even went the extra mile to refute the claims by posting the album cover of Arrow Boys’ upcoming album. Nadia Mukami clears the air by responding to the fan, ‘We have never followed each other! Mnalazimisha udaku‘ The couple confirmed they were dating in August last year. To be honest, we’re rooting for them, they’re a great power couple. Here’s a picture to remind you how cute they are together.

Here is the album cover of Arrow Boy’s new upcoming album. Nadia Mukami captioned, “There goes the album cover for Arrow Bwoy’s new album titled Focus dropping on 12th March 2022. We have so much for you this year.” Yeah, you read it right, she said we have so much in store for you. Is it possible they have a collabo in the near future?

That Girl Every Day Nadia Mukami clears the air

Well now that Nadia has cleared the air, we can’t wait to hear Arrow Boy’s new album. We can only hope it comes with the surprises that Nadia Mukami promises us. Their previous collabo ‘Kupendwa Raha’ was a top hit and is a timeless song. A future collab is promising.

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