Kenyan celebrities that have had plastic surgery

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There are certain Kenyan celebrities that have had plastic surgery. With the technology advancement and the right bank account, you can have the body you’ve always envisioned for yourself. There are several types of cosmetic and plastic surgery. If you want to alter how your body looks you can have liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, facelift among others. There are also procedures you can do to enhance weight loss i.e. a gastric balloon.

To have a good procedure done and to avoid looking botched you need to spend the big bucks. Here is a list of Kenyan celebrities that have had plastic surgery and had bank accounts to support their decision:

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has admitted to having cosmetic surgery done. She has had breast augmentation done so as to make her body more proportional. Vera Sidika is one of the Kenyan celebrities that have had plastic surgery and admits to it costing a whooping 2 million Kenya shillings. She had her procedure in Beverly Hills, California, admitting it was quite expensive she says it was worth it. She also advises that if you want to have a procedure done, pay the big bucks and it will be worth it. Vera does look amazing. Let’s just wait and see if she’ll have any more procedures done after she welcomed her baby girl.

COURTESY: INSTAGRAM – Queenveebosset

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Huddah Monroe

Huddah has also admitted to getting work done on her body. She also had her procedure done in Beverly Hills, California so you know she paid the big bucks. Her procedure cost her 1 million Kenya Shillings. She had breast augmentation to have her boobs go up a couple of cup sizes. She regrets the decision because she says she got them done because of a guy.

courtesy instagram: huddahthebosschic

Big Ted

Big Ted is also another celebrity who has undergone surgery to help with his weight loss. He got his gastric bypass surgery in India and it cost him around 700,000 Kenyan shillings. He lost a lot of weight, from 168 Kgs to 96 Kgs, even you have to admit that’s pretty impressive.


Fashionable Stepmum

Catherine Njeri or as we all know her, The Fashionable Stepmum has also had plastic surgery to help with weight loss. She gained weight after using birth control, the implant and admits to having been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. She had scheduled to have it removed and at the same time underwent gastric bypass surgery as well as a stomach-reducing procedure. The Fashionable Stepmum does look super amazing and has managed to maintain her figure.


Risper Faith

Risper Faith has also undergone cosmetic surgery to help with her weight gain during pregnancy. The procedure cost her 450, 000 Kenyan Shillings and did it in the country. She managed to restore her hourglass figure and seems to be happier with her body. She had a 360 body liposuction with a renowned Kenyan plastic surgery center.

COURTESY instagram- risperfaith

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