How to make your manicure last longer: 13 Tips & Tricks

by Lynn

Make Your Manicure last longer

There’s nothing quite as upsetting as getting a fresh manicure only to have it chip after a couple of days. If you’ve had a manicure done, then you’ve probably been in a situation where your nail polish just can’t seem to stay on your nails. However, if you want to make your manicure last longer there are several things you should take into consideration. From the quality of the nail polish you’re using, to preparation, the technique of painting your nails.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your manicure last longer;

Clean your Nails

Before you even start the nail polish application process, you’ll want to clean your nails. Don’t wash them instead just wipe them down with some nail polish remover. This will remove any elements, dirt, and natural oils on your nails. At the salon, the routine is usually to soak your nails in water before starting off. However, soaking your nails in water causes them to expand. After they dry, they shrink making the nail polish crack. You can always request the salon to use cuticle oil instead of soaking your nails. The nail polish remover acts as a cleanser. You can also use white vinegar as a substitute.

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File Your Nails

File your nails in a single direction, the one that mirrors your cuticle. You don’t want to go back and forth with the filing tool because this can irritate your cuticle and can cause your nails to break and get brittle. Filing in one direction will prevent nail breakage.

Base Coat

Don’t skip the base coat if you want your manicure to last longer. The base coat strengthens your nails and helps with a much smoother polish application. Apply two coats of the basecoat for longer-lasting nail polish. The basecoat increases the longevity of your nail polish which means less chipping.

Shorter Nail Length

Long nails are gorgeous however if you’re applying regular nail polish, you might want to keep your nails short. This makes them more manageable and they don’t bend easily. Shorter nails are less likely to break as compared to longer nails. They’re easier to manage and less likely to chip.

Roll Your Polish

It’s second nature when applying nail polish to bang the bottle of nail polish against your palm. This causes air bubbles in your nail polish and this will make your application have air pockets. To prevent this you’ll want to roll the nail polish between both of your hands rapidly. This way you’ll have an air-free nail polish application.


When applying the nail polish, make sure you use enough polish to cover the entire nail. Too much nail polish will lead to a bumpy clumpy and thick nail polish finish. Apply your nail polish by applying it in three strokes. One in the middle and one on each side. This will lead to a more even nail application. The longer you wait for the coats to dry the better.

Only Paint Your Nails

Your application does not have to be perfect however try your best to only paint your nails. Applying nail polish on your cuticles and on the sides of the nails will cause it to lift from your nail when you\re cleaning it off. This could lead to premature chipping of your nail polish.

Don’t Forget The Tip

As you’re applying your nail polish make sure to apply the nail polish around the tip of the nail where it curves. Wrapping the tip makes for a smooth application and prevents chips and cracks.

Let it dry

This is the hardest part about a manicure. Letting the nail polish dry is not the most exciting thing but it’s the most important part of your nail polish. There are several ways you can make your nail polish dry faster. You can use a blow dryer on cold heat or place them in ice. If you place your fingertips on ice for three to five minutes they should be dry. If they’re not just place them back in. You’ll know they’re dry when air bubbles start to form on your nails.

The Topcoat

The topcoat is very important if you want your nail polish to last for longer periods of time. Don’t skip the topcoat if you want longevity. Reapply the topcoat every couple of days as well for the maintenance of your nails. Most people make the mistake of only applying the topcoat once however you have to keep reapplying it. This will make your nails maintain their shine.


Glitter makes nail polish last longer because it has a much tougher texture as compared to smooth nail polishes It’s also a great fix for when your nails start to chip.


When doing your chores you want to wear gloves to protect not just your nail polish but your hands as well. The detergents and soaps used to clean the house are stronger and wearing gloves protects your hands and nails.


Eventually, your nails will start chipping, they’re not meant to last forever. However, handle the chipped nails immediately you notice them. This will help you restore your nails. If your chipped nail polish has a ridge, you can use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to smooth it down then you can paint over it. Fixing chips immediately helps prevent them from spreading to the rest of the nail polish.

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