New Year Beauty Resolutions

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New Year beauty resolutions

There are certain beauty resolutions that you should seek to adopt this new year. Break your terrible beauty habits by implementing these New Year beauty resolutions. Develop a new year beauty care regimen that will leave you glowing. Beauty is not just about skincare but hair care, nail care, and sustainable products.

Here are some new year beauty resolutions to adopt this year:


Our bodies are mostly composed of water, therefore it’s very important to stay hydrated. Make it your mission to stay hydrated this year. Multiple benefits are associated with staying hydrated. From glowing dewy skin to healthy hair and supple lips. Drinking water regularly ensures your hair and skin are well moisturized even before adding products. Make it your new year beauty resolution to stay hydrated. Not to mention the health benefits that come with it.

Wear sunscreen daily

This new year make a conscious choice of wearing sunscreen every single day. Sun exposure can cause premature forming of wrinkles, fine lines, and to some extent skin complications. Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis prevents this and buys you a couple of years for your skin. When purchasing sunscreen you want to get one with an SPF higher than 30.

Wash make-up brushes regularly

Washing and cleaning beauty blenders and makeup brushes can be tedious and exhausting but worthwhile. Dirty brushes can cause skin breakouts and infections. Wet makeup brushes can be a haven for bacteria to breed. This can cause blemishes and spots on your skin. Not to mention it can be unsanitary to use dirty makeup brushes. They can also leave your makeup looking imperfect and mess up your expensive makeup. Use a makeup brush cleaner that gets rid of all the buildup and residue. Cinema secrets does a good job of removing stubborn stains and residue.

Well Manicured Nails

This is the year to get rid of chipped nail polish. If you apply nail polish in the comfort of your own home assign a day of the week when you will be redoing your nails. This depends on how soon your nail polish starts to chip. Invest in a quality top coat to have your home manicure last longer. You can invest in press-on nails if you prefer long nails. This is just if you don’t want to go to your local nail bar and get your nails done. This is the year to have well-manicured nails all year.

Lip Care

As part of your new year’s beauty resolution, lip care should be on the top of your lips. No one wants chapped and dry lips. If you wear lipstick during the day, you might want to have a nighttime regimen. Lipstick especially matte lipstick can be especially drying. This is why when you sleep you should apply a cream that will rehydrate your lips. This will make your lipstick application flawless the next day and leave your lips hydrated.

Treat your hands as you do your face

Treat your hands with the same care you treat your face. This will make sure your hands don’t age faster than your face. Apply SPF as you would your face. Your hands are not immune to the sun’s UV rays. Moisturize your hands regularly as well to make sure they stay soft and don’t form premature fine lines.

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Hair Care

This year focus on your hair care, not just the strands but the scalp as well. Try hot oil treatments for your scalp to increase hair growth, moisturize and hydrate your scalp, and improve general health. Scalp treatments also reduce the formation of dandruff. When using heat on your hair make sure you use heat protectants to protect your hair from the high temperatures associated with heat tools.

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Streamline your skincare needs

If you’ve been using the same skincare routine for the last couple of years, you should reevaluate it. Reevaluating your skincare needs is essential because as your skin changes so should your skincare routine. Your skin may have different needs as compared to the needs you had a couple of months back. Evaluating what your skin needs every couple of months is essential. It could be anti-aging, radiance, moisture, or restoration. Every need has a different set of skincare products that it needs.

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Throw out expired products

Make it a resolution to clean up your makeup drawer. Not just the dried out mascara but all the makeup that has expired. Clean up your makeup at least every 6 months. Most makeup products have an expiry date including the makeup brushes and the beauty blenders. Ensure your makeup drawer is also organized, this way it’ll be easier to identify which one is about to expire.

Try something new

If you always have the same look make sure you try something new this year. If you always have the same shade of lipstick try a new bold shade, try a new nail polish color, or a new hair color that you’ve always wanted to try out. You’ll be surprised at how much you may like it. Surprise yourself this year by leaving your comfort zone when it comes to your overall look.

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