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Everyone wants to be more productive, we all want to get things done on time efficiently and effectively. So how can we be more productive in this digital age of distractions? Productivity is not just about ticking things off your to-do list anymore. It’s about efficiency and effectiveness. 

We’re always looking for ways to improve our lives and always doing things on time, that’s why there’s the endless search on how to be productive. Here are a few tips on how you can increase productivity:

Reasonable To-Do List 

To do lists can be overwhelming. Productivity does not mean having 30 tasks on your to do list, because this has a spiraling effect. The to-do list becomes overwhelming then it becomes a procrastination tool. To-do lists often don’t work because we make them too complex or we’re too ambitious when creating them. You have to learn to walk before you can run. Undertake a less is more approach by focusing and prioritizing your goals and tasks. 

Focus on one goal at a time

Stop multitasking, stop trying to do 20 things all at once you will end up doing nothing. Multi tasking according to research can even drop your IQ by almost 10 points. Train your mind to be disciplined and practice concentration. Once you master concentration you can do anything you set your mind to. Determine what’s important and how to achieve it then focus on it. Get things done effectively and efficiently by focusing on one task at a time. 

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Minimize your distractions 

If you want to be productive you have to rid yourselves of all distractions. You know yourself best so you know what distracts you. If you open 50 tabs on your machine, if you’re always looking at your phone when it vibrates, if it takes you 1 hour to determine a playlist you want to listen to while you work on a 10 minute task you need to minimize your distractions. Recognize what distracts you and find a way of getting rid of it. This way you will be more efficient and effective throughout the day. 

Get organized 

Always make sure your work area is always organized. You don’t need to spend 15 minutes looking for a pen. Always prepare your workstation before you start. Have water on standby, stationary, your battery charger if you’re using your laptop. Always strive to get organized because messy areas can be very stressy.

Wake up early 

Some of the world’s biggest billionaires start their day before or at 5 AM. Wake up early and focus on yourself. Don’t check your mail or your phone first thing in the morning so as to protect your energy for morning hours when  you’re more productive. Wake up early and focus on your challenging tasks for the day as that is when you’re energized and fresh, as  opposed to afternoon hours. Schedule meetings for afternoon hours. 

Use the Pareto principle 

The pareto principle states that 80% of the outcome comes from 20% of the effort put in. To make sure you’re effective and productive identify 20% of your most important tasks. Figure out how to eliminate tasks that waste time and those that don’t contribute to 80% of the outcome. 


Working out helps improve productivity greatly because it helps in achieving great relaxation. When you’re relaxed you’re automatically more productive. Working out renews your energy and helps increase focus.  

Bundle similar projects 

Bundle your similar projects together so as to be more productive.Switching tasks reduces concentration and efficiency making it hard to be productive. If you’re responding to emails, respond to all of them, make phone calls all at the same time. Batching projects reduces distractions as well. 

Break down goals  into smaller tasks 

Goals may sometimes be intimidating because we don’t know where or how to start. Breaking it down into smaller tasks tends to give us direction. Break down your goals into smaller tasks before setting timelines. Understanding the scope of your goal and the smaller tasks you need to do to achieve it makes it less intimidating and increases productivity as you don’t waste time procrastinating. 

Understand yourself 

Figure out when you’re the most productive, what gets you motivated, what distracts you, and why you are passionate about what you are doing.  Once you figure out what distracts you it’s easier to get rid of the distractions. Once you understand yourself it’s easier to be more productive as you know when you’re most productive. 

Work with the less is more principle to be more productive in what you do.

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