How to handle nosy questions – 5 Tips

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Tips on how to handle nosy questions

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asks too many intrusive questions? How do you handle such situations? Personal questions can be quite intrusive and can come off as nosy. There are many reasons people ask intrusive questions, you could be a threat, they feel hostile around you, or they’re curious. Nosy and intrusive questions can make us feel cornered and uncomfortable. So how do you handle nosy questions?

Here are some tips on how you can deal with such questions the next time someone is in your personal space

Be Straightforward

You can always choose to be straightforward and honest about how you feel. If the question makes you feel uncomfortable you can respond by stating that you don’t feel comfortable talking about the topic. This way you are setting boundaries about the types of questions. Being this straightforward can be considered rude and aggressive by some people, but at least you’re honest. You can be polite while being assertive on the same. You can also choose to ask them why they’re interested. Make sure to maintain the tone of your voice to avoid coming off as rude.

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If you’re uncomfortable and you’re not able to be straightforward, you can always use humor as a way of evading the question. It releases the current tension without offending anyone. If someone keeps nagging you about why you’re still single you can say you’re waiting for Michael B Jordan to come and sweep you off your feet.

Change the subject

Another way on how to handle nosy questions is to change the subject. You can do it by asking a question or by complimenting them. It’s a simple skill you can learn and perfect. Divert and redirect the focus by giving them something else to talk about. When someone asks how much did you spend on that car, you can divert by asking how their family is doing or by complimenting them. You can choose to ask them a question about the same topic, if you’re talking about cars keep the conversation going around cars.

Boundaries & Standards

You should not feel the pressure to explain yourself when you don’t want to. Protect your boundaries by declining to answer anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Nosy questions can make you second guess yourself and your values. So it is very vital that you nip them at the bud. Do not feel like you’ve been compromising your standards because of nosy people not minding their business.

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Stay Quiet

Staying quiet is another way to handle nosy questions. You don’t need to answer any question you are uneasy with. There’s always the option of staying quiet. You might be considered rude but it’s better than giving a sarcastic answer that is outright rude. Let them fill in the gaps on their own.

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