Business Ideas You Can Start With Little To No Money

by Lynn
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In this modern-day everyone is looking for a side hustle or a business that can help them leave their exhausting 9-5. It takes courage to start a business and consistency to keep it going. With the internet, it’s very simple to start a business with very little to no money and still scale up. 

So if you don’t have a lot of coin to start your own business here are some businesses you can start in the comfort of your home with little to no money: 


You can set up a self-hosted blog using WordPress and Bluehost for only $3.95 a month.  You can use the free blogs but if you’re looking for a more professional look it’s better to get a self-hosted blog. Then start earning income through ads and affiliate marketing. 

Cleaning Business 

You can start a cleaning business with the cleaning supplies and equipment you already have in your house. You can then invest the returns on specialized equipment and scale up from there. 

Virtual Assistant 

You can opt to be a virtual assistant for people or businesses who need assistant services because let’s face it people need assistance and more often than not they outsource to virtual assistants. You can start your own virtual assistant website and list your services on the online freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr


You can start by selling handmade items on Etsy with a starting capital of less than $100. Registration on the site is free and it features buyers and sellers from all over the world, so you have a marketplace with millions of potential buyers. 

Taxi Services 

You can sign up to drive for Uber and Lyft free of charge. If your car doesn’t meet the required standards or you don’t have a car you can try hiring or renting a car. 

YouTube Channel 

You can start a youtube channel in the comfort of your own home and the only thing you need is good internet connection, a content plan, and a strategy. You can always learn how to edit your videos online with the millions of youtube tutorials. You can start earning money through google ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored videos. 

Errands Service 

If you own a car or a motorbike you can start an errands service. You can opt to shop for people, check in on their pets during the day or any errands they may require. However you may need to start with a specific location then scale up. 


This is one of the more attractive businesses but also requires hefty marketing and a business plan to work. Shopify has made this so much simpler for anyone interested in starting a drop shipping business. How drop shipping works is that you have no inventory so when you get an order from your client on your website, you order from a wholesaler and get it delivered to your customer directly. 

Event Planning services 

If you love events and detail, this could be the one for you. There’s nothing technical about event planning, all you need is an eye for pretty things and you’re all set. You can start by planning events for your friends and family so as to build a portfolio. Once you have a portfolio on your website you’re good to go. 

Social Media Management 

Social media has revolutionized the business industry. Every company big or small wants to have a social media presence. You can start social media management and consultancy because you will be providing a solution to companies and small businesses. It’s not easy to consistently post on social media while still maintaining your brand image. Here’s where you come in and offer social media consultancy services. 

Your goal when starting any of these businesses should always be to scale up. Save up any money you earn from any of these businesses and hire employees, sub contractors, buy special equipment if you need to. Just don’t get comfortable. Always aim to scale up, this way who knows you just might be a multi millionaire in no time. 

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