Ways To Hide Panty Lines without going commando

by Lynn

Ways to Hide Panty Lines

Visible panty lines can be annoying especially when your outfit is the bomb. What do you do in such a situation, do you change your outfit or do you go commando? Thankfully there are multiple options when it comes to hiding panty lines. Going without undies can’t work all the time. You can’t go without a panty when it’s that time of the month, sometimes you have discharge or you can get chub rub from all the sweating.

Here are several options and ways to hide panty lines

Choose the Right Size

When it comes to buying panties, make sure you get your size right. A small or large size will leave a visible panty line. Not to mention how uncomfortable you’ll be. Make sure you have your correct measurements. If you shop online a lot you must have a tape measure somewhere if you don’t invest in one. If you shop online it can be hard to get the right size and to feel the quality. If your panty is too small it will dig into your skin causing panty lines, if it’s too big it can cause lumps on your outfit.

Right Fabric

Avoid light fabrics if you want to avoid visible panty lines. Light fabrics like silk have a tendency of clinging to your body. This will automatically cause your panty line to be visible even if it’s the right size. Low-quality outfits also tend to have lighter fabrics. Invest in clothes with thicker fabrics to avoid the visible panty lines. Light fabrics also tend to highlight flattering parts of our bodies and we don’t want that.

Thongs & G-strings

Wearing thongs and g-strings will definitely get rid of the visible panty line. They come in handy when you’re wearing body-hugging clothes like dresses and jumpsuits among others. They can however be uncomfortable if you’re not used to them. If you want to start wearing thongs you can wear them around in the house until you get used to them. There are also stick-on thongs you can were with high-waisted slit dresses. They are disposable after use making them efficient.

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Seamless panties

This is one of the best ways to hide panty lines. It’s an oldie but a goldie. The edges of the seamless panty are not thick making it very easy to disguise the panty line. These work perfectly especially if you’re not a fan of going commando or wearing thongs.

Right Color Underwear

If you don’t want your panty to show through your clothes, wear the right color underwear. If you’re wearing something light and airy you might want to avoid bright-colored underwear. This is because people will be able to see your underwear through your clothing. Go for darker-colored underwear if you’re wearing something bright. Especially if it’s sunny, your bright-colored panty will show. Invest in nude and neutral panties that can blend in easily with your outfits.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are great and not to mention comfortable. They are great when it comes to avoiding visible panty lines because they go under the butt cheek. This makes it less visible and noticeable.

Prints and Patterns

Wearing outfits with prints and patterns also reduces the visibility of the panty line. Wearing prints and patterns, however, does not necessarily mean that you will not get the visible panty line. This is dependent on the type of print your outfit has. It’s just easier to disguise panty lines with prints.

Layer Up

If you can layer up with pantyhose or tights this would be a great way of getting rid of the visible panty line. This is however not an option on a hot day. You can choose to layer up with shapewear as well. Wear your favorite spanks to hide the visible panty lines and to accentuate your curves.

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