Signs of a toxic family member

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It is normal for each family to have some level of conflict as is expected. So how can you identify signs of a toxic family member? Depending on the type of family, some are functional, toxic and others extremely happy.

Here are some of the signs of a toxic family member :

You Don’t Like Being Around Them

If you feel nervous or anxious just thinking and knowing you’re going to meet this family member and you do not feel comfortable around them, these are signs of a toxic family member. If they always find a way of starting conflict and drama and they do not treat you with respect you may have a toxic family member.

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They mind your business

Is this family member always in your business, telling you how you should live your life, sharing your personal information with the entire family with no respect and boundaries. They constantly breach your trust over and over again. These are signs of a toxic family member.

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Centre of attention

Does the entire family sacrifice their own needs and values just so one person can feel comfortable? Does this person inconvenience everyone just so they can get what they want and never show any gratitude in return? Are they selfish and do they only consider themselves first? Do they always have to be the centre of attention? These are signs of a toxic family member.

They’re Abusive

Does a certain family member have no respect for you, your boundaries, or your physical space? Are they critical of everything you do? Do they hurl direct or indirect insults at you? Do they sometimes hide insults in snarky comments? Is it much more peaceful for everyone when they’re not around? Have you experienced any of these from a particular family member? There are high chances these are signs of a toxic family member.

Codependent relationship

Does this family member create a codependent relationship with you? Do they not let you have any alone time? Are they always jealous when you do any activity with other family members? Do they make you feel guilty for not involving them in your plans? If you feel this type of way around this family member, these are tell-tale signs of a toxic family member.


Does this person constantly offend you with no apologies? Do they always blame you for overreacting or always say you’re being too emotional? Do they always make it feel like it’s your fault? These are signs of a toxic family member. They do not apologize for any wrong thing that they do. Instead, they always try and make you feel like it’s your fault.


It’s okay to have differences as a family, but toxic family members disrespect you for your beliefs. They disrespect you in front of your family members by degrading your ideas or by making snarly comments about your values and opinions. If you have a family member who is always disrespectful on more than one occasion when you meet, these are signs of a toxic family member.


Minor arguments with a toxic family member have a way of becoming overly dramatic. They’re overly sensitive to everything you say. It gets to a point you don’t want to confront this person because you don’t want another draining conversation. If you confront this family member, they become so emotional to an extent of crying and always complain about being picked on by everyone in the family.

No Boundaries

Do you have a family member that feels like they have a right to your resources when and how they see fit? Do they get furious whenever you can’t assist them? These are signs of family members who do not respect your boundaries and it could be a sign that they are toxic.

Emotionally unavailable

Families have to connect on an emotional level to be functional. Most of the time the toxic family member is usually closed off and most of the time emotionally unavailable. They lack empathy and do not like to be confronted.

Alcohol and other drugs

During family meetings and gatherings, does this family member always feels the need to have alcohol? And more often than not the presence of having alcohol causes drama and issues.

So how do you deal with a toxic family member? Here are some hacks on how to deal with a toxic family member.

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