How to deal with toxic people

by Lynn

We all have that one person in our lives who leaves you feeling much worse than they found you. How to deal with toxic people is a skill you learn with time. Toxic people include manipulative family members, friends who complain all the time, people who constantly underestimate you and so much more. There are successful ways on how to deal with toxic people.

Here are ways on how to deal with toxic people;

Establish Boundaries & Set Limits

This is one of the most important ways of how to deal with toxic people. You have to establish and set some boundaries if you want to successfully deal with toxic people. Don’t feel pressured to deal with toxic people on their terms. Once you’ve identified that someons is toxic, you will know their behaviors, and triggers. This way you’ll be able to establish boundaries and set limits that allow you to avoid their chaos. Setting boundaries to help you understand what you will and won’t tolerate. Communicate these boundaries and stick to them.

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Be The Bigger Person

Dealing with a toxic person can be mentally draining. Toxic people are usually irrational. If they provoke you be the bigger person and ignore them. Do not stoop to their level.If they keep complaining don’t be tempted to start complaining as well. Resist the temptation to join them and don’t engage. Simply be polite and change the subject. Always remember you don’t owe anyone a response.


Depending on your situation and your relationship with the toxic family member you might want to confront them about their behavior. You should be sure to expect any kind of reaction from this conversation. You should consider this option if you’re ready to give it another chance.

Limit Your Time

One way you can succesfully deal with a toxic person is by simply limiting your time together with them. If you don’t like seeing them, or their company makes you feel uneasy you have a choice. Limit your interactions with the toxic people in your life, for peace of mind and reduced stress.


You can choose detachment as an option of how to deal with a toxic person. If you think that your relationship would be too draining you can choose to detach. You do not owe anyone your emotional peace. You can start by cutting off all communication and not even interacting with them.

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Cut them off

This is the most extreme way of how to deal with a toxicity. If you’re thinking of cutting them off it must be serious. You should only consider completely cutting off if the implications of being around them are serious.

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