Make Your Wardrobe Feel New Again- 10 Budget-Friendly Ways

by Lynn

Make Your Wardrobe Feel New Again

You don’t need to break the bank to refresh your closet to feel more stylish. At times your wardrobe can feel outdated so instead of breaking the bank and buying new clothes you can make your wardrobe feel new by refreshing your clothes. You can make your clothes feel and look great.

Here are some budget-friendly ways you can make your wardrobe feel new again;

Tailor Your Outfits

Custom tailor outfits in your wardrobe to make them more fitting. If you’re buying clothes from a retail or online store, chances are they’re going to need minor adjustments to fit you like a glove. Go through the outfits in your closet you haven’t worn in a long time and have a fashion show in your room. This will help you identify the clothes that need tailoring. Maybe some pants and tops are too wide. Tailoring them can make your wardrobe feel new again.

Dye your outfits

If you have clothes that are looking faded, you can dye your clothes to make them feel new. Most people just dye black clothes however you can dye most of your clothes. Black is usually the most common because you can almost always never go wrong when dying your clothes black. With other colors, it becomes trickier because they can be different shades. Experiment with your less expensive clothes. Don’t ruin that designer outfit in the name of recoloring it. Experiment with tie and dye on t-shirts you no longer wear. This is a foolproof way to make your wardrobe feel new again.

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Monochrome Outfits

This is one of the easiest ways to make your outfits look more chic. Arrange your outfits in similar colors and see which ones look great in monochromatic outfits. See those ones that match and those that don’t match. Add texture to your outfits to make them more visually appealing. The best thing about such outfits is that the colors don’t have to be the same shade to make it work.


Most people use laundry starch for shirt collars, cuffs, and official clothes. However, using laundry starch on your other clothes as well can be very beneficial. It gives clothes a more crisp and clean look. Adding starch to your clothes makes them appear newer for much longer. Starching also reduces the penetration level of clothes making it very hard to get permanent stains.

Replace the buttons

This must be the oldest trick in the book. Replacing the button on your old clothes can make them feel brand new. There are so many options when it comes to buttons. It all depends on the style you’re going for, from bold, bedazzled, to simple, the options are limitless. It’s a cheap and budget-friendly way to upgrade your wardrobe.

Mix and match

Try out new outfit combinations with your clothes. Most of the time we wear similar outfits, the same top, and jeans. Try and switch things up by trying out new outfit combinations. This is a great way of refreshing your wardrobe, you might just realize you wanted a change in outfit combination.


If you have lots of light clothing in your closet, you might want to invest in shapewear. You might want to get rid of that silk or chiffon top because you don’t like how it looks, but shapewear might just be the solution. Invest in shapewear to wear with your outfits.


Sometimes all an outfit needs is accessorizing to make it pop. Add some glam to your outfits by pairing them with your favorite accessories. It may be jewelry, your favorite scarf, a statement belt, or even a nice handbag. They can elevate any outfit.


Invest in a classic blazer or an oversized blazer to add some glam to any outfit. The best thing about blazers is how versatile they are. They can be dressed up or dressed down. It has multiple outfit possibilities so it’s an easy way to refresh your wardrobe.

Wash inside out

This is a hack to make your clothes last longer. Wash them inside out to prevent fading. Especially clothes that have decorations like sequins or beads.

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