25 Stress Relief Affirmations that will help you cope

by Lynn

Stress relief affirmations go a long way when it comes to positive thinking and getting rid of negative thoughts. Stress can be disruptive and emotionally and mentally draining. However, these stress relief affirmations can change your mindset with time. Once you’re stressed out it can be so easy to spiral into your negative thoughts and this can lead to anxiety and in some cases depression. Having this list of affirmations in your arsenal can be very helpful when it comes to coping with stress.

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These powerful stress relief affirmations will help you cope better when you’re stressed out;

  • I choose to feel calm and relaxed
  • I release all negative emotions from my system
  • My stress and tension is melting away
  • I embrace each challenge in my life as an opportunity
  • I am letting go of my fears
  • Challenges lead tp growth
  • I am thankful for the good in my life
  • I will take things one step at a time
  • My future is happy and bright
  • I inhale the good and exhale the bad
  • I am brave and I am strong
  • Even when I am faced with challenges, I am right where I need to be
  • I choose positive thoughts over stressful thoughts
  • I will focus on what I can control and make peace with what I cannot control
  • Calm energy flows through me
  • I have full control of my actions, my thoughts, and my choices
  • I will overcome all my challenges
  • My worries do not control me
  • I release the past
  • No matter how bad the situation is it’s not permanent
  • I was not made to give up
  • Every challenge I face positively shapes who I am
  • I will remain centered when I encounter stressful situations
  • My challenges will not stop me from thriving
  • My smile brings me serenity in stressful situations

I will not question my challenges, I will challenge my limits

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