Creative & Stylish Ways to Decorate with Books

by Lynn

The most beautiful part about decorating with books is their flexibility, versatility, and multiple uses. There are several ways to decorate with books so as to elevate your space. In as much as the purpose of the book is not purely decorative, you can still use it to spruce up your space. We buy books because we want to read them but if you’re anything like me sometimes you struggle to find a good home for all your books. Here are some stylish and creative ways to decorate with books:

Color code

Arranging your books by color code is one of the popular ways of decorating with books and for good reason. It’s aesthetically pleasing to see a monochromatic arrangement. Using color code as one of the ways to decorate with books adds a burst of color to the room. This is also one of the easiest ways to decorate using books if you have a large collection of books. You can achieve this by compartmentalizing your shelves or by investing in a bigger bookshelf. If you do not have a large collection of books you can always stack a pile of books with the same color to get the same feel. This way of decorating adds a pop of color while giving off artsy vibes.


This is an ideal way of decorating with books if you don’t have a large collection of books. Shelves can take up space in your home. Placing stacks of books in different areas in your house creates a warm and cozy feel. A coffee table needs a stack of books to make up the perfect vignette. However, a coffee table is not the only place you can stack up some books. You can use stools, side tables, or console tables to create the perfect stack. If you have a large collection of books and you’re wondering which books to stack, you can use your favorite books or a collection of books that make for great conversation starters. Stacking books complements your home without giving it an overcrowded feel.

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Statement Wall

A statement book wall is a great way of displaying your books. Choose one wall in your home and just use it as a way to showcase your books. You can choose floor-to-ceiling shelves or you can give it a bohemian look. The look and feel should match your overall home decor. If you have a boho look or Scandinavian you can have your bookshelf match the decor.

Tower of Books

You can arrange your books in a single stack of books that can run in any room in the house. They can fill spaces in a visually appealing and dynamic way. Creating a tower of books can add height to a room. It’s also a unique way of adding books as decor to a room.

Focal point

Using books as a focal point of any decorative space is a great way to elevate any space. You can add books to your coffee table and make them the focal point of your decor. Add the books on your nightstand and pair them with lovely vases and plants. Books make for great focal points.


Books are an easy way to add texture to a home. They can fit seamlessly into any space. The texture of the hardcovers, the paperbacks, they’re all a budget friendly way of adding texture. They will add texture without overpowering and overwhelming your space.


Books are a perfect way of creating and adding to a vignette. Properly layered bookscan make for the perfect vignette as they have a way of drawing you in.

Side Table

With books you can create the perfect side table. You can stack them up just high enough to form the perfect sidetable.

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