Emmy Kosgei’s sweet message to Dark-skinned girls

by Lynn

Emmy Kosgei’s sweet message

In some cultures, light skin has often been used as a benchmark that often associates with money, better opportunities, richer men, and respect in society. The skin bleaching industry is now worth more than 8 billion dollars due to these societal beliefs. Emmy Kosgei’s sweet message to dark-skinned girls could not have come at a better time. Beyonce’s song Brown skin girls also addresses the same issue and reassures all dark-skinned girls are beautiful. To quote her ‘ Brown skin girl Your skin just like pearls The best thing in the world Never trade you for anybody else’

With the rise of stars like Lupita Nyongo and Adut Akech who embrace their dark skin, it’s becoming easier for other women to embrace their dark skin.

Here’s her message to all dark-skinned girls:

I get into so many conversations from parents about their children and ladies out there who are withdrawn or sometimes get bullied or called names just because they are dark skinned… hey! #blackgirlsrock#blackdontcrack#blackandbold don’t be shy about it,say no to low self esteem, black is beautiful 🤎🖤 you are simply rare and gorgeous! Stand out tall and bold.. Be you ! Be comfortable in your own skin… be the best version of you! I love 🤎🖤🤎🖤🤎 call it black,dark,chocolate, melanin,deep green, african,earth color.. name it .! I love it!


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