How to decorate a rental – 10 tips

by Lynn

It can be difficult to invest when you want to decorate a rental because you will eventually move out but that does not mean we need to settle for less.We are now spending more time in our homes and you need a space that reflects your personality. There are some clever and creative ways you can decorate a rental without breaking the bank. Our hacks are also landlord-friendly 😉

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Here are some tips and hacks on how you can decorate a rental:


If you want to elevate any space, despite the size, lighting is always a go-to. Lighting makes all the difference. You can get some nice cheap light fixtures and replace them with your current ones. When moving out you can always switch them back, so be sure to keep them safe. You can also invest in fancy lampshades or DIY your own lampshade to suit your personality. This is a cheap and budget-friendly way to decorate a rental.

If you’re not looking to replace your lighting fixtures, you can invest in floor lamps and table lamps. They are a quick fix and you can still place them strategically in your living room or dining room.

If you’re stuck with fluorescent lights and there’s no way of upgrading them, you can also invest in fairy lights and string lights. You can use them as a way of adding warmth and personality to your apartment.

Plants & Flowers

Plants and flowers have a way of making any space feel cozy and warm. They add more life to your space and beautify your apartment on a budget. If you struggle to keep plants alive, you can invest in succulents or faux plants. Plants and flowers are an inexpensive way to decorate a rental while still elevating your space.

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There are so many types of wallpapers you can choose from. If you live in a rental this is one of the best and cheapest ways to decorate a rental. You might want to go for temporary wallpaper. There are a variety of stick-on wallpapers that are easily removable. You can use wallpaper to create a feature wall and make it a beautiful focal point. This is also a cheap way to decorate a rental.

Change the hardware

Changing the hardware in your rental is also an inexpensive way to decorate a rental. You can upgrade your hardware by removing the cabinet and drawer handles. Spray paint them any color of your choice then return them or alternatively buy new ones. This will help add some personal style to your kitchen.

There’s also an option of changing the kitchen faucet with another one just to make your kitchen reflect your personality. Just make sure you store all the items well so you can put them back when you move.

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Gallery Wall

Show off your artwork by having a gallery wall. If you’re lucky enough you might have hooks in your rental, if not you can always consult with your landlord. If they disagree then you can always work with tape and strips to avoid holes on the wall. You can also choose to place your artwork on your bookshelf.

Contact Paper

If you want to decorate a rental, contact paper should be your best friend. Contact paper is a cheap way of turning boring spaces into exquisite and elegant spaces. And, the best part is that it’s easily removable.

Contact paper is the solution to any ugly space in your rental. Don’t like the kitchen floor? Hide it with some contact paper. Want to elevate your walls, put some contact paper. If you want to make your ceilings stand out, use some contact paper. You don’t like the color on your kitchen cabinets…. you guessed right, contact paper. Contact paper is perfect for personalizing any space to suit your personality.

Invest in furniture

When buying furniture, think about the long term. Don’t think about how your furniture may not fit into your future home, just think about what you love. Buy furniture that reflects your style and personality and will make you feel at home.


Use accessories to add some color and personality to your home. You can add throw pillows, vases full of flowers or greenery, figurines, and any homeware that you may want to add to your home. The best part about accessorizing is that you still own the stuff even when you move out.

You can accessorize your home by adding your favorite colors and style to reflect your style.


You can’t customize a rental to your liking when it comes to storage. Instead of installing shelves, you can get bookcases that can cover the entire wall. The beauty of having your own storage is that you can accessorize it to your liking. You can place art on the bookshelf, color coordinate your books, add trinkets to make it feel like a home. And the best part is that you can carry your storage with you when you move out.

Use Rugs

Transform your rental by laying down some rugs. You can glam up your home by adding some color, texture, and style by using rugs. This way you attain your style without changing the flooring.

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