Ways to save while grocery shopping

by Lynn
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Grocery shopping can be expensive. Not to mention that there’s just something about grocery stores that reels you in and entices you to spend more than you originally intended to. Here are some tips that will go a long way in saving you money while you’re grocery shopping:

  1. Go to the supermarket/grocery store with a shopping list and stick to your list. 
  2. When you go shopping make sure you go on a full stomach to avoid getting carried away by buying snacks that are not on your list
  3. Stores tend to put their most expensive products on eye level, so look up and down the shelf before deciding on the end product
  4. Buy your toiletries at a wholesale shop i.e. tissues, serviettes, sanitary towels. They are cheaper and the expiry date is usually 2- 3 years from the date of manufacture so you should be safe
  5. Do not overlook brands you are not familiar with. There’s no harm in trying out a new brand. Just buy less than you normally would to avoid being disappointed
  6. Stay away from the freshly prepared food aisle. The food at the store always looks so delicious, especially when you’re hungry. Maybe it’s the lighting or how delicious the food looks behind the glass. Do not go to this section to avoid temptation, remember you are full, you just ate.
  7. Shop alone if you can. While sometimes it may be hard, leave your husband, wife or kids at home if possible. Supermarkets strategically place the sweets and all the goodie goodies at the cashier checkout counter so as to tempt you. Kids will more often than not want to buy snacks and food items that you don’t need and it may be very difficult to say no.
  8. Buy your vegetables and fruits at the market. They are cheaper and more fresh as compared to the store
  9. Shop in bulk when there’s a sale at the store. More often than not supermarkets have sales. Take advantage of the sales.
  10. Start baking; bread, cakes and pies. This goes a very long way in terms of saving money for breakfast and snacks.
  11. Stick to your budget. Take out your calculator if you must and once you exceed your budget return items you do not need. Buy what you need and what you can afford
  12. Buy your meat from the butchery or a wholesale meat centre if you live close to one. It’s cheaper to buy in bulk.
  13. Make your monthly or weekly meal plan and only buy groceries based on your meal plan. Stick to your meal plan
  14. When you are meal prepping make sure you include leftovers as part of meals. Do not throw away your leftover meals
  15. Only carry cash while grocery shopping and leave your cards at home to avoid overspending.
  16. Avoid the inner middle aisles. That’s where most stores put processed foods and snacks. To avoid temptations just mark where the essentials you need are and only go to those isles. If your store keeps rearranging their products ask an attendant and go straight to that aisle to avoid temptation.

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