10 ways your body changes after 25

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Your 20’s are a crucial time when it comes to adulting. From body changes after 25 to career changes, friendships, and relationships. It can be a bit overwhelming and it can be easy to overlook some things. The body changes after 25 are sometimes called a second puberty.

Here are the various ways your body changes after 25 and how to deal with it:

A Slower Metabolism

Gone are the days where you could eat a pizza, fries, and ice cream all in one day and have no body changes or effects. One of the ways your body changes after 25 is you get a much slower metabolism. More work will be needed to maintain your body shape. You will have to work just a little bit harder to maintain your size. You should work on a diet that will help you maintain your weight i.e. a low card diet or a keto diet. If you want your metabolism to stay up, you just have to stay active by engaging in more physical activity.

Less Energy

As you grow older, especially after 25 your energy levels start to gradually plummet. Remember when you were younger and you would go for classes, hang out with your friends, and go party afterward? Well, this is going to change. Your body will start to feel the effects. Even when it comes to working out, you will not have as much energy as you did. You will have to modify a few things in your life so that you don’t burn out. You might have to incorporate a do-nothing day in your regimen as a form of self-care. If you don’t have the luxury of such a day, you can always incorporate self-care activities that will still prevent burnout.

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A significant way your body changes after 20 is your skin sensitivity. Some people experience adult acne past the age of 25. This is because your hormones are still regulating. Everything you put in your body will affect your skin from alcohol to cigarettes and the food you eat. You’re also experimenting with different types of makeup so your skin might break out. When this starts happening, listen to your body. Establish the foods that cause breakouts and have a skincare regimen. When it comes to your skincare regimen, research the type of skin you have for it to be effective. Invest in a good sunscreen, your skin will thank you as you grow older. Protect your skin from the sun to avoid wrinkles in the future.


As you grow older, it will be much much easier to put on weight. This is because of the slow metabolism, and changes in hormones. You will have to watch your diet and exercise regularly for you to maintain your weight.

You get curvier

Due to metabolic changes and hormonal changes you might get a little more junk in your trunk. You might start getting curvier after 25. You might get curvier in your bust, thighs, and hips. This is totally normal and is actually a good thing about growing older.

Menstrual cycle

Your menstrual cycle regulates as you grow older. Menstruation regulates as it prepares your body for childbirth, which is why you may experience an increase in hips. However, as your periods regulate, they might become more painful as well. This is when the prostaglandin hormone is at its maximum production capacity.

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Severe Hangovers

Remember when you could drink till 5 in the morning and go do an exam at 9 in the morning? Or when you could party from Thursday to Sunday and not feel like you got hit by a truck? Gone are those days. As you grow older the hangovers will start to hit like a ton of bricks. Your body becomes less tolerant to alcohol. Your liver takes much longer to break down the alcohol as opposed to when you were younger, also you have a much slower metabolism now. When you’re out drinking, you might want to drink more water and less alcohol if you don’t, be prepared to do nothing the next day but binge, eat and sleep.


Remember when you could sleep in till 2 pm effortlessly? As you grow older it becomes harder and harder to sleep in. This is because you have lower levels of the growth hormone so you’re more likely to experience insomnia or fragmented sleep. It gets harder to switch off your brain before you go to sleep. Here are some easy ways you can fall asleep faster.

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Thinning Hair

Some women might start experiencing thinning hair after 25. This can be caused by several factors like stress and in some cases medication. Your hair volume will start decreasing, hence you need to start taking care of it. Formulate a hair care regimen to ensure you retain your hair growth and length.


Due to your hormones, sex now should feel better than ever. As you grow older you become more confident with your body. You know what you like and what you don’t like. Your desire to have sex all the time also increases unless you’re on the pill.

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